Jimmy C.
    I spent 3 months in Grenada-- it was
absolutely amazing and I can best describe my
time there in one word: growth.
    First off, Grenada is nothing like the United
States so it was a time for me to engage, learn
and serve in a different culture.
A Word
Elissa W.
A Word
    Being an intern was such a great
opportunity to learn about culture and
ministry. The biggest thing that impacted
me was that, being on the mission field in
a foreign country, I was removed from all
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    Fact is, being in Grenada transformed us. It
was an awesome experience and we came home
with a renewed heart and focus to reach others
for Christ and to see God move in mighty ways.  
    They did a great job mentoring us and
providing opportunities for us to learn how to
connect with God and minister in His gifts. A big
part of the internship was also the cross-cultural
training-- which radically changed our view of
how to successfully serve on the mission field.
    But ultimately my time spent in Grenada was a time of growth with the
Lord. It was a time the Holy Spirit used for me to begin to understand His
wonderful goodness and amazing love and power. I can't begin to explain just
how awesome this internship was, and how important it was for me to
answer this call to go.
    This internship was more than just "an experience"... it was a surrender
to God. Through this internship I began the long journey of what it actually
means to serve and be used by the Holy Spirit. A letting go of things that
didn't belong in the void in my heart, and replacing them with Jesus Christ.
of my American comforts and distractions. Because of that, I had the
opportunity to connect and grow with God more than ever before. A lot
of that had to do with the fact that I had to trust Him in ways I never
really had to before.
    I also had an unbelievable experience just by living with a missionary
family (and the team work and community that comes along with that).
One of my favorite aspects of being an intern was being part of a team
and connected to a family who is sowing seeds of friendship and love
into their community for Christ. And it was awesome getting the chance
to support and strengthen an ongoing and passionate ministry.
Dave & Emily C.
A Word
    We love the people of Grenada, the mission, and the lessons we learned. And
we are honored to be able to continue to go back because of how deep God has
rooted Grenada in our hearts.
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