Special Fundraising Event...
"performing well in a culturally complex world"
for Leadership
Faith-Based Program
Workplace Program
Frank Zauflik
Executive Director
Centre for Leadership Effectiveness, LLC
    I've been serving Grenada 24-7 Ministries as a consultant and I've seen
firsthand the amazing impact their work has had on the people of the island.
In effort to support this great ministry, I'm offering a special fundraising
event connected to the cultural training detailed on my website.

    I ask that you donate
$185 USD to Grenada 24-7 Ministries, for which
my company
(Centre for Leadership Effectiveness) will provide free access for
one person to the CQ cultural training experience. You can use this access
for yourself or provide it to someone else. You can also make a larger
donation on behalf of a group or team.

    To get started just click the "Donate" button below