Check out how our ministry from Grenada
got connected to the Czech Republic...
Czech Republic
Understanding the City of Plzen
Plzen is a major city in the Czech Republic, located
right in the heart of Europe. It's mostly known as an
industrial town, for its beer production, and university.

The statues and cathedrals around the city point to a
religious past, however currently less than
1% of the
population attend church. In fact, most people don't
even have one person in their life who is a Christian.

Most Czechs don't own a Bible, have never read any
part of the Bible, and don't know basic Bible stories.
Furthermore, over
60% of the population believe
that the church is a bad influence upon society.
A prayer movement is occurring in Plzen, as God stirs the hearts of local believers to seriously
pray for their city. Since 2010, "Plzen 24-7" has been the annual week-long gathering of those
involved in the movement. Groups meet for prayer walks, worship, prayer rooms, bible study,
praying atop the cathedral and just to meet for a time of encouragement and fellowship.
A Special Message from
Pastor Zdenek Splichal
of CB Church, Plzen
Praying with the chaplain of the local prison,
one of the largest prisons in the country.
One of our board members (Bo Weaver) with
Pastors Zdenek Splichal
(CB Church Plzen)
and Karel Rezabek (KS Church Plzen)
to learn more and get involved
God has been connecting us
in a deep way for a long time.
In fact, we consider the
Czech Republic to be part
of our spiritual heritage.
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